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We officially begin our study today. However, today is only the introduction. We don’t start in on the study guides or the prayer journals until Monday. I wanted to give you the resources early so you were ready to go on Monday morning.

In the guide (find link below), you’ll find that I have selected scripture to read on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. On the alternate days it’s my hope that you’ll dig a bit deeper. For example, you could… look scripture up in your favorite commentary, read it in the interlinear Bible, look up words you want to gain a deeper understanding of, and watch sermons on the topic.

WEEK AT A GLANCE – FREE Printable Below
Week at a glance is a synopsis of the study guide. It can be used as a book mark for your Bible, or you might want to put it up on your fridge as a reminder of each week’s focus. I printed mine out on card stock, and I’ll be keeping it in my Bible.

For those who want questions for reflection or group study, I’ll have new ones each week.


Each week I’ll give you seven cards. There are 30 in total. I cut mine out, hole punched them, and put them on a little binder ring so I can meditate on one scripture/day. They’re so cute. I love them! These cards are a keepsake you can use for years to come. I picked Bible verses that remind me of the REASON for the season.


You don’t need to pick up a copy of my prayer journal to do this study with us. That’s totally optional. You can use any journal you have. In fact you could use a simple piece of paper. What I encourage you to do is to use your journal to journalize daily prayers, and to give thanks for a few things each day.

You might also use the journal to diarize the holiday season, making it a keepsake you’ll want to hang on to.


I’ll be posting on the topics each week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Come here to glean encouragement and share in my thoughts.

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