2019 Christmas Cookie Swap By Jules Kitchen


2019 Christmas Cookie Swap

Don’t tell me it is too early to start thinking about Christmas.

Sometimes, in order not to get caught up in the anxiety and thus spoil the festive atmosphere, a bit of organisation and bland planning are the only way to enjoy those days before Christmas, which otherwise always pass too fast. I’m not talking about buying gifts for everyone in August, or deciding on the Christmas day menu when outside the cicadas are still chirping. I mean planning ahead all those little activities that can be done weeks – or even months – in advance, dedicating a few minutes, and thoughts, to the people that are important to us.

From Sarah :
I love the idea of Cookie Swaps And And Other Holiday Swaps.
I am not a baker. Not really. I bake occasionally but it’s not my favorite thing to do. I am also not a huge love of baked goods and sweets. There are a few exceptions. Cheese Cake is one.