Potato Spinach Bacon Soup — The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch

Potato Spinach Bacon Soup is a classic, flavorful belly-warming comfort food recipe at it’s finest. It is combining red potatoes, leftover mashed potatoes, fresh spinach, and other veggies with hickory-smoked bacon in a cloud of […] Potato Spinach Bacon Soup — The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch

Cream of Mushroom Soup : Julia Child

Editor’s Note: On a cold winter’s night, is there anything more comforting than a bowl of homemade soup? When the temperature dips, you’ll want to warm up inside and out with Julia Child’s recipe for Cream of Mushroom Soup. This easy soup recipe is hearty and delicious, and uses only 11 ingredients. You’ll love the earthy flavor…

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Chowder

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Chowder Two Peas And Their Pod Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Chowder We have been getting lots of snow this winter, which is great for the drought, ski season, and soup days. I love warming up to a bowl of comforting soup on a cold day. Ok, on really cold and snowy days, I…

Country Cooking – Alabama Camp Stew, like Heaven in a Bowl

I was born in Prattville, Alabama.  My great uncle was a cook at a logging company in the 30’s and 40’s. My Alabama Camp Stew recipe came from my Grandfather “Mac” Gray.  He was the Mayor of Prattville for 25 years, and he took much pride in making camp stew for family dinners and football weekends. So without giving away any family secrets, I want to share with you the Alabama Camp Stew recipe. It is like heaven in a bowl.  It has three different BBQ meats in it so it can’t be bad.

Famous Alabama Camp Stew | Southern Plate

This recipe is as old as the hills and is often known as Brunswick stew outside of my stomping grounds. Mama remembers having Camp Stew as a child, around campfires, at family gatherings, and even in the school lunchroom. The name came from it being so easy to make while camping since it can be made entirely out of canned goods.

Must Try Soups for Fall {Add them to Your Meal Plan Today!} – Creative Home Keeper

It’s that time of year when our homes start to feel warm and cozy.

It’s the time of year when time spent together as a family feels even more important.

And it’s the time of year when we start to think about our blessings and intentionally practice the spiritual discipline of gratitude.

Because I love fall so much and I am eager to help other embrace this season of Autumn Brilliance (as I like to call it), I wanted to share with you a few simple things you can do today to make your home feel like a warm & cozy fall haven.