What Should I Cook?: Cooking On The Ranch



Cooking On The Ranch : Colorado Style

What Should I Cook?

Happy Sunday! And happy normal Sunday. No entertaining, no being entertained. What shall we do? Let’s get back to planning our week with some normal good ‘ol gather around the table meals.

You’ve been in the deep freeze this week, so let’s talk soup. Let’s talk Country Mushroom Soup. Brothy, earthy and with a splash of sherry, very slurp worthy.

Still trying to make that work week seem ordinary? How about a somewhat ordinary sandwich for Monday evening.This Egg Salad Sandwich wth Curry is just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday sounds good for pasta. Actually to be honest I saw this video for Cheeseburger Macaroni Skillet  that I simply can not get off my mind. Pure kid stuff, and I must make it soon to satisfy my frivolous cravings.

And speaking of routine, Wednesday is our day for Mexican. Let’s keep it fresh with these Chipotle Chicken Salad Tacos with Avocado, Red Skinned Potatoes and Romaine. You can thank Rick Bayless for this one.

How do you feel about breaking out the cast iron skillet on Thursday? It’s the perfect tool for a fine seared steak. Topped with Anchovy Caper Butter, it’s a restaurant worthy meal. A nice big colorful green salad is all you’d need for a side.

And what about Friday? Let’s celebrate the week with Salmon With Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette.  And Martha Stewart’s Green Vegetable Medley and Herbed Mashed Potatoes.

Start the weekend off right with a Saturday morning breakfast. Mexican Scrambled Eggs is such an easy morning meal. And with a simple slice of toast, you’re ready for the weekend.