Sweet Potato Pecan Pie — The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch

Nothing can say Southern hospitality more than this mouthwatering, decadent Sweet Potato Pecan Pie. Flavorful and delicious to the very last bite. Combining all the favorite ingredients, Southerners use to make Sweet Potato pie and […] Sweet Potato Pecan Pie — The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch

Ten Hallmark Movies We’re Watching To Celebrate The Season By Due South

Ten Hallmark Movies We’re Watching To Celebrate The Season https://duesouth.media/ten-hallmark-movies-were-watching-to-celebrate-the-season/ “When the temperatures begin to dip, the leaves change colors and pumpkin spice abounds, you know Hallmark Channel’s seasonal programming to celebrate the fall, Halloween and Christmas can’t be far behind. We love the Hallmark Channel’s family-friendly programming that centers around love, community, seasonal gatherings,…

Your Guide to a Simpler Turkey Day — ravenhawks’ magazine

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time when family and friends gather to enjoy a meal and each other’s company, however, someone is usually doing kitchen duty and perhaps missing part of the fun. Here are a few ideas to help everybody spend more time with family and friends and less time with the kitchen. Your Guide to…

If Your Holidays Are Messy, You Aren’t Alone

If your family holidays are messy, keep in mind the first Christmas was messy, too.

Let’s not misunderstand the message here. Do not glorify the disasters. Just the opposite, actually. Instead, stand in awe of a God who is able to work in the middle of the worst of life’s messes, and more than than, create in this moment a sacred, holy space.

Even in this.

I challenge you this holiday season to find where God is at work. Find the holy. He is here, working.

Thanksgiving Archives – Teri Lynne Underwood

Several times in Deuteronomy the Lord speaks these words to the Israelites. He knew their hearts could easily be distracted from all He had done for them— things like, rescuing them from their bondage in Egypt, splitting the Red Sea, providing them manna and quail in the wilderness, sand guiding them to the Promised Land.

Can you imagine forgetting to remember those things?