Stuffed Turkey Breast By Jules Kitchen


Stuffed turkey breast. A recipe from my cooking repertoire

Easter for me are the church bells ringing in the morning sun and a new Spring coat, the Tuscan Easter schiacciata from San Gimignano and the dark chocolate, the fresh pasta and the spring vegetables, the lamb and the blessed eggs. Easter is the beginning of the good season and windows wide open on rolling hills. 

As Easter is approaching and we’re already working on our festive menu, I thought I’d share an easy and reliable roast, one of the protagonists of family lunches and cooking classes, my mum’s stuffed turkey breast.

When I lived with my parents, my bedroom was right above the kitchen. It could be reached from a steep staircase, which brought up the chatter of family and friends, the laughter of my parents watching TV after dinner, the first noises in the morning, and all the aromas of my mum’s cuisine. When I was lucky, it was the subtle grumbling of the moka on the stovetop to wake me up, followed immediately by the toasted smell of coffee that would tickle my nostrils when I was still under the blankets. Most of the time, though, it was the clatter of dishes, pots and pans, and mum who unloaded the dishwasher as first thing in the morning.