20 Healthy Thanksgiving Salad Recipes /City Women & CO.



“Turkey, baked mac-and-cheese, and stuffing are all Thanksgiving dinner showstoppers. But real talk: unless you add some fiber to your plate, you’re not going to be feeling all that festive later. Thanksgiving salad doesn’t get the same level of accolades as other starring dishes, but it should. After all, a diet high in fiber is linked to a cornucopia of health benefits, including reduced inflammationboosted metabolism, and a happy gut.

All the Thanksgiving salad recipes rounded up here are not only full of the nutrient, they’re also quite delicious, thank you very much. From traditional salads loaded with greens to ones made with other veggies such as sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, to even ones served warm, here are 20 Thanksgiving salad recipes to choose from.”

From Sarah :
Check these wonderful salads out. Don’t wait !