How to Make Perfect Hamantaschen By Tori Avey


How to Make Perfect Hamantaschen
By Tori Avey

Purim Begins at Sundown On Saturday, March 11TH.

noun: Purim
  1. a lesser Jewish festival held in spring (on the 14th or 15th day of Adar) to commemorate the defeat of Haman’s plot to massacre the Jews as recorded in the book of Esther.

    Judaism 101: Purim

    Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. … Haman hated Mordecai because Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman, so Haman plotted to destroy the Jewish people.


    A hamantash is a filled-pocket cookie or pastry recognizable for its triangular shape, usually associated with the Jewish holiday of Purim. Wikipedia

    Hamantash – Wikipedia

    A hamantash is a filled-pocket cookie or pastry recognizable for its triangular shape, usually … In Israel, hamantaschen are called oznei Haman (Hebrew: אוזני המן ), Hebrew for “Haman’s ears” in reference to their defeated enemy’s ears. Plural

    Leave it to the Jews to have a cookie inspired by cultural annihilation! Hamantaschen are the triangular pastries associated with the holiday of Purim, when Jews read from the Book of Esther, the Megillah, and celebrate the triumph of good (Esther) over evil (Haman, who planned to destroy the Jewish people).

    This Yiddish word is pronounced huh-min-tah-shun, and while technically the plural form of hamantasch, the word hamantaschen can refer to either one cookie or many. To shape hamantaschen, circles are cut from thinly rolled dough and the sides are folded in around a dollop of filling. The cookie can be crumbly (if made with oil), or softer (when made with butter or cream cheese); and filled with almost anything: fruit, cheese, chocolate, Nutella. Did I mention Nutella? Or even savory ingredients. Traditionally, poppy seed, or mohn, was used, which some say represent Haman’s bribe to King Ahasuerus or Esther’s meals while in the king’s palace.

    From Tory :

    Having trouble making hamantaschen for Purim? Maybe your hamantaschen are spreading or opening when they bake. Maybe they’re losing their shape. Maybe the filling is leaking. Maybe you’re having trouble folding your cookies into neat triangles. Or maybe you’re just looking for an easy hamantaschen recipe that will get you perfect results, every time. Whatever your question, I’m here to help!

    I compiled this list of tips to help people who are new to baking hamantaschen. It took me several years to master the proper technique and develop some terrific dough recipes. I now have a firm understanding of what it takes to make pretty and delicious hamantaschen. I want to share that knowledge with you, so you can avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve encountered over the years. Hopefully my tips will help obtain a tasty and beautiful result from the very first try!
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