Joshua Bible Study : Women Living Well /Good Morning Girls

women living Our Joshua Bible Study starts Monday.   This is everything you need to get started with Week One: Daily Bible Verses. The Daily Questions.Etc. Week 1 :  Reading Schedule  Daily Bible Verses…. Study Questions

The Book Of James: Week 1 Day 3  Women Living Living Well And Good Morning Girls Facebook  Study question for Wednesday. Are there any prayer requests?  Keep sending them to Happy Wednesday. 

The Book Of James: Week 1 Day 2  Women Living Well And Good Morning Girls Facebook Week 1 Day 2 Today’s Bible Reading Is James 19-27 Any Prayer Requests: I will be posting this ASAP : when the photos upload. Then I will schedule this for the correct time Tuesday AM. Working around internet issues. 

Bible Study For Friday – Chapter 5 -Numbers

Our Bible Verse For Friday: Numbers 5:7 Here is the discussion question for Friday.  This past week: Thursday: Today we were in Numbers 4. The Lord organized the Levites and assigned their tasks of carrying the items for the tabernacle. These were serious jobs given by God Himself🙌 – they mattered! Each one counted! In…