James Bible Study : Week 2 Day 5 

This is the last day of our James Bible Study with Women Living Well And Good Good Morning.  womenlivingwell.org Friday’s Bible Verse Friday’s Bible Questions Any prayer requests? Sarahkasch@hotmail.com

Deuteronomy Bible Study

From Tara at Doodle Through The Bible. From this week’s study. Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls.

My Deuteronomy Studies With Good Morning Girls

I have read all of the chapters but haven’t really studied them as well as I should be. For someone leading an Online Bible Study Group I haven’t done my part. The others are really digging into it. They are leading me this time around. I post everything as I always do but THEY have…

Women Living Well –

http://womenlivingwell.org/ Deuteronomy Week 3 Everything you need for this weeks reading can be found here. Also the past 2 weeks. From Sarah: Just when I believe I have figured out how to use this smartphone for posts,  I find I really haven’t learned much of anything. The link here is for the blog itself. I…