If Nancy Hanks Came Back As A Ghost.

From Sarah, I first read this poem as a child in an old poetry book I borrowed from the library at school. It stuck in my head for years.Back then, (I am 60 so it WAS A LONG TIME AGO), we didn’t have computers or the internet. We had encyclopedias. encyclopedias.From Sarah, I first read…

Everybody’s Falling For Fall Flavored Syrups

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IT SEEMS EVERYBODY HAS FALL FEVER.  And it’s definitely my family’s favorite season of the year.  A time for bonfires, sweaters, crisp air, colorful leaves, warm hearty comfort meals, and YES, PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING!  We’ve held out long enough, even though here in the South it’s still 90+ degrees F…

The Blind Side : An Awesome Review

via The Blind Side Review   By Sarah I love the movie “The Blind Side”.  It is one of those movies I can watch over and over again. Sandra Bullock really does well here. So does the whole cast. Check out the review above if you haven’t watched it yet.

MY Word For 2016

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I have been having trouble finding MY WORD for 2016. I have come up with a few I need to work on. PRCRASTINATION PATIENCE PERSEVERANCE QUIET RELAX LISTEN And The One I am finally choosing is Perseverance. I have been reading a number of posts on Finding…