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Welcome to Sarah’s Attic of Treasures. I post pictures quotes, recipes and anything I like. This includes SHARING OTHER BLOGGERS AND THEIR BLOGS HERE AND ELSEWHERE. It’s a Treasure Chest of Goodies. Smile. You never know whose day you may brighten.

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I post anything and everything that interests me. I also love Sharing From Other Bloggers and Pages from Facebook. I just love sharing things I think will make you smile. I love finding new Blogs and sharing them here. Anything from Houses, Porches, Kitchens , Bathrooms to foods from all over. Comfort foods to International Dishes to Simple Down Home Cooking.

I post lots of Pictures of Porches
Scenes From Everywhere
Are you smiling yet?

Borrowing this photo.

I can’t wait for cooler weather. Sunny skies. Looking forward to an afternoon stroll .



I love to read. Taking Blogging Classes.   I love Food.

Blogging 101 and 201
Italian Meatballs and Red Sauce Recipe:


Ice Cream
I love it.
My life as a volunteer at Lake Kissimmee State Park And Rolling Meadows Ranch
Don’t forget the ice cream.

I love sharing photos I have taken even when they aren’t that good.
I share Our Neck Of The Woods and life living at a state park.

The front yard. More weeds than grass.
It’s so cold.
Yep, It was worth it.
Sharing photos I have found online. They make me smile.
Our Kitchen needs some TLC.
Kitchen overall.
Well I left out the corner where DANNY’S STUFF is.
Good Evening From Our Neck Of The Woods This was taken on Rolling Meadows Ranch
Danny playing with Mr. Bojangles .

Life on Rolling Meadows Ranch

A birthday tribute to Bobby….from a special friend on Facebook. Bobby and I On the farm in Illinois.
Bobby at 23 .

I will always share Bobby. Celebrating his life.

Our First Roundup at the Lake Kissimmee State Park. Working and playing. 2007

Lake Kissimmee State Park

Working on a Prescribed Burn on Rolling Meadows Ranch- right in back of where we live now.

Rolling Meadows Ranch
HUGS From Sarah