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I am an open book. Or I will try to be.
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Welcome to Sarah’s Attic of Treasures. I post pictures quotes, recipes and anything I like. This includes SHARING OTHER BLOGGERS AND THEIR BLOGS HERE AND ELSEWHERE. It’s a Treasure Chest of Goodies. Smile. You never know whose day you may brighten.

Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures  started in  March 2015. I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect.
I just knew I needed an outlet.

Photos and other things last added on July 28, 2015. I update a few minor details in September 2020.

As I stumble through my Facebook accounts, pages and groups,
the 3 blogs I have started (this being one of them)
and all of the other social media platforms
I seem to have connected to I find myself LOST in a world I can’t keep up with.
My name is an issue.
Am I Debbie Or Sarah  or Sarah Sue? My names are a story ALL their own. (I have a whole post called AM I Debbie Or Sarah In a Sticky Note)

I started with one email account: ralphiejr1@yahoo.com in the mid 90’s.
(Ralphie Jr. was a pet rabbit from when I still lived on the farm) It was all I needed.
Then when Danny and I got together and were emailing each other, I wanted one HE could remember. So I started one at Juno.
Somehow, I have 6 of them. 2 are state emails.
No one could possibly remember what email and password to use  for which site/blog.

Have I confused you yet?

10 years ago I was Debbie Sue Kasch.
Single Mom. Teacher. Daughter.

Living in Colorado and loving it.

John, Mom, Dad, Me, Donna and Bobby, 1998
John, Mom, Dad, Me, Donna and Bobby, 1998


Mom, Donna and Bobby 2004 Colorado
Mom, Donna and Bobby


Bobby age 24
Bobby age 24


Mike, Tyler Bobby and Alex. Bobby's Cousins and a friend's little boy. 2004
Mike, Tyler Bobby and Alex.
Bobby’s Cousins and a friend’s little boy.


Me First picture Danny ever saw of me. 2004.
First picture Danny ever saw of me. 2004.


Me - Colorado Happy times. 2005
Me – Colorado
Happy times.


2 of the many kids I helped raise. Colorado. 2004
2 of the many kids I helped raise.
Colorado. 2004


I had kids with me all the time.
I had kids with me all the time.


Home. Colorado 2004
Colorado 2004


Cripple Creek, Colorado One of my favorite place to go.
Cripple Creek, Colorado
One of my favorite place to go.


Behind Cheyenne Mountain, Outside of Colorado Springs......
Behind Cheyenne Mountain,
Outside of Colorado Springs……



This is where I played back then.

Bobby 2004
Bobby 2004


14  years ago I left my beloved Colorado to marry Danny and live in  Florida.
AFTER my only child died. Bobby was 25.
Almost 26.
He would be 40 years old in 2020.
I see him , so clearly, as he would be today.

Am I still a mom?
In my Heart :

Am I still a teacher?

I was born Debra Sue Kasch in Illinois.  I am 61 (62 in December ) years young.
I had an awesome childhood and had the best parents a child could possibly have.

I was a raised by a teacher and nurse.
I am also a farmer’s daughter.
We had a small farm, 160 acres called Cedar Manor Stock Farm.
It was a wonderful life. We raised and grew most of our food.

Bobby 3 months old. 1980
3 months old.


Bobby and 3 of his cousins, a friend and I. La Veta, Colorado 1985
Bobby and 3 of his cousins, a friend and I. La Veta, Colorado 1985


Bobby was born July 17, 1980 in Grafton, Illinois.
The two of us moved to Colorado in 1982 when Bobby was 2 years old.

Bobby and I 1982
Bobby and I


A church photo. 1994? Mom, Bobby Mike, leah and Tyler.
A church photo. 1994?
Mom, Bobby Mike, Leah and Tyler.


Bobby and I at my grandparent's house. Colorado 1984.
Bobby and I at my grandparent’s house.
Colorado 1984.


Bobby and His momma 1994.
Bobby and His momma


Danny and I Bok, Tower Gardens, 2005 Early Days Danny worked there as a gardener.
Danny and I
Bok, Tower Gardens, 2005 Early Days
Danny worked there as a gardener.


I taught School for 17 years before starting a daycare/preschool, after school program in my home.
We loved it there and I never planned on leaving it.
Until I met Danny.
That is a story for a post or 2 all it’s own.
It was a love story from the beginning.

Rolling Meadows Ranch

Our driveway and a deer we see every day.
Our driveway and a deer we saw every day.


Our House.... 1940's restored Cracker House
Our House….
1940’s restored Cracker House


 Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles


Do I work?
Yes. Hard. When I can.

What do I do?
I volunteer at the same state park where Danny works as a ranger.
Lake Kissimmee State Park, Lake Wales, Florida.
We live on adjoining state property called Rolling Meadows Ranch. Managed by LKSP.

Danny and I live in a restored Cracker house surrounded by cow pastures and lot’s of cows. Our visitors are  of the animal variety. Deer, turkeys, sandhill cranes and other wildlife are in our yard on a daily basis. No feeding allowed  either.

2020- Sadly both Mr. Bojangles and Vittles are no longer with us. Bo died a  year ago. Vittles died during the summer. He was 12 years old.  Oh how I miss both of them. They were MINE. Totally.
Baby Girl came to our home 3 year ago. She is definitely A BABY GIRL.

Mr. Bojangles
Mr. Bojangles


Vittles was waiting for his carrots and lettuce.
Vittles was waiting for his carrots and lettuce.


Baby Girl


Working on a Prescribed Burn on Rolling Meadows Ranch- right in back of where we live now.
Working on a Prescribed Burn on Rolling Meadows Ranch- right in back of where we live now.


Grand Opening Of Our Kayak Launch and Dock - A huge year and a half project Danny was given. Only 4 people at the park knew about it for the first year...Danny and I. Our manager and assistant manager. Hush Hush It was a labor of love for Danny and I.
Grand Opening Of Our Kayak Launch and Dock – A huge year and a half project Danny was given. Only 4 people at the park knew about it for the first year…Danny and I. Our manager and assistant manager. Hush Hush
It was a labor of love for Danny and I.


Our First Roundup at the Lake Kissimmee State Park. Working and playing. 2007
Our First Roundup at the Lake Kissimmee State Park. Working and playing. 2007


One of Lake Kissimmee State Park Service paths and trails
One of Lake Kissimmee State Park Service paths and trails


Flooding On Rolling Meadows Ranch where we live. Our yard is a bit higher than it is here.
Flooding On Rolling Meadows Ranch where we live. Our yard is a bit higher than it is here.


Dad is on the far left. My family at Mom's Memorial Dinner. 2014
Dad is on the far left.
My family at Mom’s Memorial Dinner. 2014


Died died Memorial Weekend 2019.
I am lost without them.

Danny playing with Mr. Bojangles .
Danny playing with Mr. Bojangles .


Good night From Rolling Meadows Ranch and Our Neck Of The Woods
Looking out our back door from the dining room side of the kitchen.


Good Evening From Our Neck Of The Woods This was taken on Rolling Meadows Ranch
Good Evening From Our Neck Of The Woods This was taken on Rolling Meadows Ranch


DOne for the DAY. It was before NOON and already 96 out. I'd mowed as much as I could for the day.
Done for the DAY. It was before NOON and already 96 out. I’d mowed as much as I could for the day.


The right coming into Rolling Meadows
The view  (0n the right )coming into Rolling Meadows Ranch,


I miss being able to drive the tractor and Mowing the larger areas. I got BEHIND.
I miss being able to drive the tractor and mowing the larger areas.


Early Days At Rolling Meadows Ranch. Before it ALL Started over here. We were still at the park.
Early Days At Rolling Meadows Ranch. Before it ALL Started over here. We were still at the park.


Restoration Of The Cracker House....An inside job....meaning park staff and one stupid volunteer....me
Restoration Of The Cracker House….An inside job….meaning park staff and one stupid volunteer….me


Our Home At Lake Kissimmee State Park. Site 62. Day Use Area. We lived in the RV for 5 years.
Our Home At Lake Kissimmee State Park. Site 62. Day Use Area.
We lived in the RV for 5 years.


Two- legged  visitors are allowed access through a locked entrance gate a mile down the road.

I also volunteer on Rolling Meadows Ranch. More here than at the park any more.

This was an old sod farm and before that it was a tomato farm.
The state is in the process of restoring the property back to a more native state.

We (Danny and I) put in mile markers for all of our trails. Over 17 miles of them. It took a week. I was NOT good at digging post holes so I carried the posts and set them up.
We (Danny and I) put in mile markers for all of our trails. Over 17 miles of them. It took a week. I was NOT good at digging post holes so I carried the posts and set them up.


Danny. Working on mile marker signs.
Danny. Working on mile marker signs.


Danny and I were told to take a couple of ATV'S and go see how bad the flooding was at the park. We rode all over. And got MUDDY. Wet. We had a blast. Then we had to clean the ATV's.
Danny and I were told to take a couple of ATV’S and go see how bad the flooding was at the park. We rode all over. And got MUDDY. Wet. We had a blast.
Then we had to clean the ATV’s.


Lucky Girl and I at the shop at the park. Danny and I raised her. We found her right after she was born. Mom couldn't take care of her so we did. Bottle fed her every 4- 6 hours for week. The less often. She was a life saver for me. This all happened shortly after Bobby Died. She was Born November 3, 2007.
Lucky Girl and I at the shop at the park. Danny and I raised her. We found her right after she was born. Mom couldn’t take care of her so we did. Bottle fed her every 4- 6 hours for week. The less often.
She was a life saver for me. This all happened shortly after Bobby Died. She was Born November 3, 2007.

Bobby died in 2006.

One of our events. I was leading a group of adults and kids on a hike. 2009?
One of our events. I was leading a group of adults and kids on a hike. 2009?


Vittles. Just after Danny found him on Good Friday. 2010. My Easter Bunny. He lived outside our RV and house till just a few months ago.
Vittles. Just after Danny found him on Good Friday. 2010. My Easter Bunny. He lived outside our RV and house for years.



Danny has always called me by my nickname from high school, so in Florida, I am Sarah.
My family and others call me Debbie.
So many changes.

Health issues have taken a huge toll on me and I am housebound most of the time any more. Missing work. Missing working with Danny.
Missing my family.
Missing the life I had in Colorado.
Missing Bobby.
Missing Mom And Dad.


Mom and Dad 2004
Mom and Dad


Newlyweds  1957


The last pair of booties mom was working on.
The last pair of booties mom was working on.


Donna and her hubby, Jim and Dad.... Thanksgiving in Illinois. First one without mom. First time home in 9 years. For me.
Donna and her hubby, Jim and Dad….
Thanksgiving in Illinois. First one without mom. First time home in 9 years. For me.


Dad and I . Thanksgiving 2014
Dad and I . Thanksgiving 2014


Missing me. I was 17 years old here.
Missing me.
I was 17 years old here.

That was Ralphie Jr. (Rabbit) and Cisco and Stan.
We had a milk goat named Fran.
(San Francisco. )

Home on the farm.
Home on the farm.

Ralphie Jr. And Cisco.

Me - Colorado Happy times. 2005 I miss THAT Person.
Me – Colorado
Happy times.
I miss THAT Person.


Missing Me.
I got lost somewhere along the way.

Now I am questioning so many things. Feeling  displace.
Reaching out.
This blog is my way of doing just that.
So thank you for dropping by here. I hope you like it here and visit from time to time.
If you leave a message, I will be glad to drop in to visit you.

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  1. pendantry says:

    Dear Debbie Sue/ Sarah,

    I couldn’t find a ‘Contact’ form, so this is the next best thing…

    Thank you ever so much for following my blog ‘Wibble’. I do hope that you will find something of interest within it!

    Best wishes,

  2. pamkirst2014 says:

    Debbie Sue, just wanted to say I hope you are doing all right…couldn’t find a place to post after your last entry and wanted you to know I’m thinking about you, hoping things are better.


  3. I am still reading your biography, how much I am reading your story, the faster interest growing on you! I respect your honesty and transparency! I prefer your name as Debbie besides Sarah. I respect your struggle in your life. It is painful to me to know one of your child was died. But I like as you consider yourself as 56 years younger! I generally can not manage the time to read much bios but I love to. Stay safe, take care. Remember, you are a good human being! ✌

    1. Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment. I will be honored to have you call me Debbie. I am now 61 years old. LOL I guess I need to update the About Me Page. Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe. Be happy.

      1. So, 61 years young, not old! You should write YOUNG not old, and it suits you. ✔ Thank you very much. Take care!

          1. You are most welcome!

    2. I had to update the About Me section after reading this…..I am now 61 years YOUNG. LOL. Hugs

  4. Sorry for your losses.
    You are a strong Soul,
    Stay strong Sarah.

    1. Thank you.
      I may have been strong back then but I am struggling now. “Little Things” have become “Big Things”. Not really little but situations I need to handle better. Have a good rest of the week. Stay Safe. Hugs

  5. can’t imagine losing a child life is so precious

    1. I hope ypu never have to find out what losing a child is like. Thanks you for your comment.

  6. Child Of God says:

    thank you for letting us understand something about you and thanks for reblogging me.

    1. I am very glad to share what you post.
      Thank You for wanting to know something about me.
      Have a wonderful Thursday.

    1. Frank, you are amazing. I am surprised that you even remember me. It’s been way too long since I visited you. Way too long. Hopefully, you and that wife are yours are still dancing. Love ya

  7. Steph McCoy says:

    Hello Sarah, we recently connected on facebook and I’m thrilled to have found your blog. I look forward to learning more about you and interacting with you here and on FB. Have a great day!! ~Steph

  8. lorigreer says:

    It was wonderful to read your “about” post. So nice to meet you. I am looking forward to learning more about you and your neck of the woods!

    1. Lori, I need to post more about Our Neck Of The Woods and Park Life. I have been stuck at home due to health reasons and I forget that I have years events and activities to write about. Or repost.
      I loved ok forward to getting to know you as well.
      Have a wonderful week.

  9. Lovely blog and such heartfelt sharing. Thank you!

    1. I need to get on my computer and add some feature photos and tags. I have been sharing from my smartphone.
      Thank you for this wonderful comment.
      I enjoy sharing what I love.

  10. Hi Debbie,

    I’ve nominated you for the Blogger’s Recognition Award. Kindly visit my site, https://rodanc.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/blogger-recognition-award/, for the rules and looking forward to reading your post. Thanks!

    1. Thank you very much for this honor.

      1. You’re welcome Debbie. Take care.

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    1. Roo, Thank you for this.

  12. It’s nice to meet you, Debbie Sue (Sarah). I think you are and will always be one strong mama. I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  13. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for following my blog!

    1. You are so welcome. Have a good rest of the week. Sarah

  14. So nice to meet you via your blog. Found you via Sue Vincent. Looking forward to reading you regularly now. Happy New Year – and keep it coming.

    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment. I have been having issues with my internet and WordPress and have missed so much. Off to read and follow your. Hugs Sarah

      1. You have created a beautiful presence on my site – thank you for the likes and comments. xo

    2. I enjoyed my visit with you. <3

  15. Hi Sarah, thank you for reposting my Memory Bear blog. T-shirts work ok for making bears.

    1. Theo, You just made my week.
      I haven’t been able to get to the comments in a few days. Shame on me. This message is the first one I have seen. Thank you my friend.
      Wishing you the best. I am so glad you are going to start again.
      Love and Hugs,

  16. vellissima says:

    Thanks for your good work. I’ve nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award.

    1. Thank you. I always mean to take the time accept it and follow up with it but so far I haven’t done so.
      So thank you. It does mean the world to me .HUGS

      1. vellissima says:

        It does take some time to process. Don’t feel required!

        1. I don’t. Not any more. The thought means the world to me though.

      2. Theo Herbots says:

        Dear Sarah,
        You have inspired me to my Blog – restart autobiografy
        Thanks for that
        Check it out here
        Best regard

  17. Love all your photos! What would we do without all these precious mementos of times and dear ones past?

    1. We’d be lost.
      They keep me grounded. HUGS My new friend.

      1. Theo Herbots says:

        Hey Sarah,
        Thank you to follow me on my Blog.
        Would you like to be friends on Facebook
        There are many believers among my followers, you certainly will warmly welcome.
        Besides, when I recently posted one of your posts on Facebook, I have previously received a lot of positive comments.
        You can certainly put English lyrics, most of my followers still speak English, it is an international gemeenschapje in Belgium.
        Have a nice week-end
        Here the link to my facebook


  18. What a beautiful blog and moving post. So glad Blogging 201 made me discover your blog.

    1. I am very glad as well. I love the blogging and writing classes but I really love the interaction between all of us.

  19. Writing has a way of grounding and anchoring us. Keep writing. Thanks so much for visiting and following Beauty Along the Road, Sarah.

    1. I agree. I use both those terms describing how I feel when I write. 🙂

  20. Happy to have found you…:)

    1. Robert, I am happy as well. I will be by to visit your as soon as I finish here. Have a wonderful week

  21. Krista Kemp says:

    Sarah, You have earned my RESPECT! Please accept this token of my appreciation: https://fromfoodstampstoafuture.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/the-respect-award/

  22. Casey says:

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your son. Two of my good friends lost theirs as well, and it’s a pain I can’t even fathom or imagine. Praying for you tonight! XO

    1. Casey, thank you. Prayers for your 2 friends as well. HUGS

  23. Krista Kemp says:

    I’ve got another one for your post it note…I have nominated you for the “Starlight Blogger Award.” Your participation is not required. For details regarding this award, please visit: https://fromfoodstampstoafuture.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/starlight-blogger-award/

    1. It is getting longer. I will do a few whenever I catch up. Once I do one or 2 I should be ok.
      Krista, I do love being nominated.

      1. Krista Kemp says:

        There’s no rush love, and no obligation! You deserve the nominations! You’re an amazing and talented woman! I am so lucky to have met you! You have touched my heart, and I will forever love you for that!

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    1. I haven’t found time to do the one earlier this week from you.Now they are both on my list.Love you for this. <3

      1. Krista Kemp says:

        There’s no rush lovey, and no obligation. Love you!

  25. You’ve got a lovely, vibrant blog 🙂

    1. Yes it does. Erika thank you.

      1. Erika Kind says:

        😃 😃 😃

        1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Such a sweet and poignant post. Thank you for your openness.

  27. Krista Kemp says:

    My beautiful Sarah, I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Your participation is not required, but feel free to participate. For details regarding this award, please visit: https://fromfoodstampstoafuture.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/blogger-recognition-award

    1. i just wrote a LONG message to you. <3

    1. Thank you. I often have to work at it. But I am more positive because of this blog. It motivates me. Comments like yours inspire me to do more. So Thank you.

      Love Sarah

    1. Love you for it. I saved the link to read when I am done here. Thank you. Kat hugs

  28. My Dear Sarah, I have just read again your about me page. I guess I will not get tired of reading it again. It helps me to see and know new things about you each time and makes me feel I am there with you especially when I look at your photos. You really look gorgeous at 17. I wonder what subject you taught at school. Lucky girl, Mr. Bojangles and Vittles are adorable. I would love to have a walk with you in that park and watch the sunset and sunrise while we talk about God, life and anything. My love goes for you always…Shine.

    1. Elementary classes, most of the time…. I taught kids ages 7, 8, 9 an 10 more than any other age. So with them I taught everything but gym, music and art.
      I taught English Literature for years to the older kids. A couple of Government classes as well.
      Love you.
      I have had a chance to visit my email in 2 days.
      Love Sarah

      1. I love English literature. 🙂 I bet you are an awesome teacher! Love, Shine 🙂

        1. Shine, I was. I really miss it. I forgot most of what I knew though.

  29. Hi Sarah. Thank you for the follow and looking forward to a great friendship with you.

    1. I also look forward to it. Have a wonderful Tuesday. HUGS

  30. Hello Sarah! What an amazing site! Your ‘About page’ is so full, so rich and I believe it’s a reflection of the richness of your heart and mind. I got really inspired reading your story and the comments. My prayer is that God may grant you the grace to see your dreams come true.

  31. Lexa says:

    Dearest Sarah,

    I’ve always loved your post and your comments:) but this was the first time reading your about me page. Your incredible journey proves how you become stronger and wiser through life and love. Your love for everyone around you seems to radiate through people’s lives. Thank you. I nominated you for a Liebster Award -http://keepinupappearances.com/2015/09/29/getting-to-know-you/

    1. Lexa, Thank you for the wonderful comment.
      Thank you for the nomination.
      It will take me awhile to do it. I have been sick again and I am a procrastinator at times.
      I will check it out and do it ASAP. Love Sarah

      1. Lexa says:

        I am sorry to hear that you are sick. My heart goes out to you! Post it when the time is right:)

        1. I will. I had a good day today. I didn’t even get on here til just a little while ago. LOL

  32. Chitra Raag says:

    hi sarah, nice to meet u. it is always nice to come across people like you – this post says so much about u and your life. i appreciate it. the concept of your blog is really fabulous. keep blogging and keep in touch! my best wishes for a happy and successful life!

    1. Well thank you for this. You just made this night special.
      I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I would have stayed long but I am trying to catch up. Your photos are amazing.

  33. Tracey Rains says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your site, and getting to know you. I want to recommend it to more people via the Blogger Recognition Award. I know not everyone participates in the awards system, and if you don’t, I completely understand. But you can find the details at http://wp.me/p6s2CE-8i if you’re interested. Either way, please take it as a sign of my regard for your site!

    1. Tracey, I love being nominated . It brings tears to my eyes and smiles to my heart.
      I will try. I just have trouble keeping up with Comments (which I live for) and reading what few blogs I have time for.
      I really am glad we have connected. Enjoy your weekend. Have fun. Be happy. HUGS

      1. Tracey Rains says:

        Sarah, I know what you mean! I’m still so new to this, and I’m struggling to find the right balance. I do make sure to respond to my comments, and I sometimes just get so carried away reading on new sites that I almost forget to post! My school year has started back, and I feel like I’m always running, but I love everything I’m doing, so what more can you ask for? HUGS back!

        1. Yep, that is how it is for me minus the school year….which I would give anything to be able to teach again.
          It is hard slowing down when Blogging is just so much fun .
          I spend hours a day on just my comments. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world but it often leaves me to drained to do the post I needed to do.
          I am so far behind.
          It isn’t going to get any better because I love finding new blogs. Like Yours.
          Enjoy this school year.

  34. roshendalal says:

    I like the way you tell your stories with photos–good to meet you and thanks for following.

    1. I wish I had more time to really check out your blog. I am really behind. Here and elsewhere.
      Thank you for that compliment. I just go crazy trying to find all of the photos I want. I have them all over the place.

    2. Roshen, Thank you. I was hoping others would as well. Thank you for this comment. I will visit you but it may be awhile. I am way behind on my comments and I have a long list of newbies to check out.
      Love and hugs. Sarah

      1. roshendalal says:

        I’ll be reading more of your blog too.love, Roshen.

        1. I’ll put some tea on for us or would you rather have something else? Hugs My new blogging friend.

          1. roshendalal says:

            Tea with a new friend sounds perfect! hugs.

    3. Actually, It looks as If I am caught up with my comments. The next ones all seem to be ansewered.
      I am getting ready for a BREAK with my hubby. Snacks Drinks for him ..more Diet Pepsi for me….Then I hope to be back here. Simce you were the first to comment I will get to you first…

  35. belinda o says:

    Haven’t heard from you in a few days! Hope you’re doing well. Had a bad few days myself, but I’m better now. Take care! — Belinda

    1. I am sorry you were doing so well either. Here’s to a good Friday. HUGS

      1. belinda o says:

        back at you 🙂

  36. Erika Kind says:

    Sarah, I nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge 🙂 https://erikakind.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/3-day-quote-challenge-3/

    1. Give me a few days and I will be glad to do it. I love Quotes

  37. mariaholm says:

    I stumbled over you on the blog roll last night and somehow I just wanted to get to know you Sarah. My firstborn Andreas was born in 1980 like your Bobby. I still have him and the other three. But I have nearly lost them at different occasions. I know it can’t be compared but the stress of loss or anxiety is intense when you have to hope against what you see I front of our eyes. I will try to read more of your posts to understand what you have been going through

    1. Not sure how I missed this from you. Somehow I missed a whole bunch of post from 9/11.
      I am so glad I finally saw this.Thank you for taking the time to message me.
      I would love to hear ALL about your 3 boys. As much as you care to write.

  38. P.S. I forgot to mention my husband and I had a long distance relationship too for 1 anda half year. He was the one who had to transfer where I live but we may end up living at their town in our golden age since it is a farm and the air there is fresher. He was a farmer but had to change occupation because of a move. Farm here is different from the farm in your country though. Hope to talk to you soon 🙂 Keep the faith and I promise I will regularly visit 🙂

    1. Danny and I spent hours and hours and hours either on the phone talking to each other, texting (Sometimes at the same time) emailing and writing to each other. Visits as well when we could. That was the hard thing. We lived so far away from each other.
      I would love to remain in close contact with you. HUGS

      1. My husband doesn’t have a computer but we talked for hours, he is not a text kind of guy. Mainly I talk, he listens lol 😛 I would love to continue this friendship with you. Lots of love and hugs 🙂

        1. Danny Talks and Talks and Talks….Except when He is Quiet For Hours and Hours And Hours.
          I like to talk also.
          I also like to be quiet.
          I am not as extreme as he is.
          We are off you a good start , you and I.

          1. I do have my time of silence, mostly thinking or contemplating. My husband on the other hand, needs to be coached into sharing his feelings, he is a man of few words but since he married me, he improved on the talking part 🙂

            1. Good for him.
              I get moody and just need to be quiet and have it quiet.
              Danny doesn’t seem to get that. He expects me to be ready to listen to a whole tale of his, at any given moment.
              Yet, I go in his computer room to say something to him, I have to wait for him to stop, take off his headphones and actually look at me……
              He starts talking at me and doesn’t stop. LOL

              1. I guess, I get moody too sometimes and we may misunderstood each other, however, it is really part of us being imperfect, what is important is that we still got to talk and clear things out. Then how you stop Danny? lol 🙂

                1. If I go to bed. LOL. Seriously, I am still struggling with that after all theses years. Since I started this blog, I usually just say, “I’m headed for the computer. You may join me if you want to.”
                  Usually he doesn’t. When he does? I will TRY and do things here …emails if nothing else.More often than NOT, I just stop and listen. Ten I’ll break away and try again.
                  Sometimes though, I just tell him, “Enough”. By then he is repeating the same work story that I have already heard 2 or 3 times that night and a good part of the time I heard it on the WORK RADIO.
                  It is on except when we sleep.
                  We have trouble communicating. He has trouble hearing. I have lost a lot of my ability to communicated well. Words don’t always come out right. I may say the dump when I mean the trash can. To be honest. He doesn’t understand how much trouble I have. Ee doesn’t try to sometimes.
                  Not sure why he gets like that.
                  He doesn’t always listen.
                  I have also been guilty of that.
                  I guess we all are.
                  I will at least apologize when I get moody or let him know I am in a bad mood.
                  He won’t back off and leave me be. Not often enough.
                  I have to really watch myself because I have trouble keeping everything in and he doesn’t want to hear what I have to say then.
                  I can’t explain it well.
                  I just usually say Danny is Danny and leave it at that.
                  He is selfish at times. Giving in other areas. Just not the emotional ones.
                  So I get emotional. That is why I started Blogging. Mainly as a way for me to write how I felt. I never thought anyone would want to know that side so I kept it in another Smaller blog. Private.

                  1. It is good that we have our way to release our emotions in a way that is more constructive. My husband always understands, my problem sometimes is he is the one who doesn’t talk much when it’s time that I want him to talk. He knows about my site but he doesn’t read my posts. I guess he is busy taking care of the house while I am busy reading or working lol 🙂 I just see it as like we complement each other. I guess in your part it is quite hard when it is just the two of you and you are in a park, so far from other people. Maybe that is also the reason I don’t want to live in a farm for now. I want to take a vacation there but not stay long. You are used to having people around you that it’s as if you are now put in a very different place or planet. I guess women really want emotional connection, it is part of who we are.

                    1. Yes, I is. I was dying bit by bit from the lack of anything emotional. Other than the grumpy… teary parts.
                      Danny is not a toucher except in bed sometimes. Then he wants to cuddle.
                      Usually after he has slept for awhile and relaxes. I want it BEFORE then. When he is AWAKE.
                      We have grown apart and I work constantly to bring us back to where we were. It was GREAT then.
                      There was enough true togetherness during the day and the nights were wonderful. Now I can’t count on the nights.

                    2. I guess it happens, things sometimes change and change becomes hard. Men, usually tend to emotionally shutdown if they don’t know how to respond to a certain situation or because of stress. Women on the otherhand wants things to be worked out, to feel, to understand, to be discussed and shared. As they say Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

                    3. I love living in the country. I am not a city girl at all.
                      It’s been harder because We are working together at the park like we were. I volunteer. We make an awesome team. Plus, I am free.

                    4. I am not a city girl too, here we have this place where it is as if you are in between, a province but not so much with farm. When I think of cities, it’s congested, lots of tall buildings, people were disconnected – I also can’t live in that. In the farm or in my husbands place – houses are usually too far away and all you can see is the fields – I also like going there. I guess I want it here because I am near my mother and my friends. If I want to talk to them it is easy and I know what is happening to them or can help them if they need me.

  39. Hi Sara/Debbie Sue,
    I am crying while I read your About Me page especially the ibteraction between you and Melanie. Even if I can say we are miles apart, I can feel your pain since some if what you experienced, I somehow experienced too. I really think the worst thing that could happen to a mother is losing her child at any age or even months. I lost my first baby boy in my womb at seven months-it was something I can’t explain or tell online or offline without crying. I experienced losing everything too because of a fire, my books, pictures – memory is what is left for me. I too have a health problem although not as bad as lupus but if I stretch out or stress myself can leave me strapped in a wheelchair at my golden age – I am a polio victim and just found out four years ago when symptoms like muscle spasms and pain started coming in that I am prone to post-polio syndrome. The second thing that will be worst for me is if I lose my mother – thank God she is still alive but I always worry about her because she has hypertension. You had a good young life -something I can’t say for myself because of an alcoholic/abusive father and for growing up in a poor family. Despite all of this, I am very thankful because I found a very kind husband and after going through a medication because of infertility problem/hormonal imbalance (I am a polycystic) I am able to have a healthy bany boy. I hope I can have a relationship with him like you had with Bobby. He is just almost 3 yrs. old so I have a long way to go. I can’t keep up with his energy since I feel I am too old and I worry if I can provide him the good life he deserves. If and when I reach your age, he will be just 18 yrs. old then, I fear at that age he has to take care of me. Sorry if I am just able to read about you now, just like you I can’t keep up with so many kind blogging friends but I want to know them.As I always say, I am a reader so I am enjoying reading and getting to know all of you. I didn’t use my real name in my blog and didn’t say much about me since I want to keep it anonymous, it is my first time creating a blog. I love the name Shine as it conveys light/brightness so I use it here as my nickname. I hope to get to know you more and I might write to you via email if you like. Hugs, kisses and love for you.

    1. Shine,
      WOW, What a wonderful message you left me here and I saw the rest above.
      It seems we do have a lot in common.
      I lost Bobby’s Twin when I was 5 months pregnant. So Bobby was always my miracle child.
      I never ever forgot the baby that never lived. Never. He or she was a child from the moment I learned I was pregnant and then found out I was carrying twins.
      I would love love to hear more anytime you feel like sharing. About anything.
      I’d write more but it is 4:16 AM. Hugs Love and Kisses Back at you.

      1. Yes we do. Love to hear more from you too! Take a rest and talk to you soon! Hugs and kisses 🙂

  40. You sound like me! Too many email addresses, usernames and passwords to remember! I usually just use the save password option 😉

    1. Until there is a glitch and they want you to sign in again. LOL 🙂

      1. Yes, then it’s the whole change your password again! “It must be at least 8 characters, with one Uppercase, one Lowercase, one symbol and one number” no wonder we don’t remember the damn things!

        1. They should just let us use our old ones. If we don’t care, why should they?

  41. calensariel says:

    Lordy, girl! That was a labor intensive post!!! A great one! Thanks so much for the follow, and I’ll be keeping my eye on your blog! Have a great day.

    1. I can’t thank you enough for those words. I enjoyed doing it.
      I look forward to reading from you as well.

  42. Fiona says:

    I wish you well on this new journey of discovery. It’s so ineresting how so many of us, reach our half centuries and start searching all over again? Journeys of healing and happy discovery, I hope.

    1. Fiona, Hello there. I am so glad you dropped by. Yes,to both. I have lived another lifetime in the last 9 years….Or so it seems. The first 5 years were BUSY and Wonderful. I will visit your blog right away. Hugs Sarah.

  43. juliav305 says:

    Love your story and pictures. I had tears in my eyes as well as a smile on my face…take care and stay strong. Hug xx

    1. Julia,
      I am glad you visited there.
      I am doing good. HUGS xxxxxxx

  44. Erika Kind says:

    Sarah, I did not know about the loss of your son when you commented on my post. I am so very sorry. And I also understand why you liked the birthday post for my daughter that much. I understand a little more the confusion about your name too.
    This is why I came towards this page (and I am glad I did): I nominated you for the Liebster Award as a thank you for you following me. Here is the post: https://erikakind.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/my-liebster-is-back/

    1. Erika, Thanks again for the nomination. I saw mention of it on your blog and left a message. It may take awhile for me to get my end done.
      I would have loved you post no matter what but m Yet, it does mean more to me know I love seeing parents and children happy together. Doing things together.
      I enjoy your blog from what little I have seen of it. It is a good mixture of blogging do’s and don’ts to family life. It had LIFE to it.

      1. Erika Kind says:

        Thank you, Sarah. You are an amazing woman! I feel blessed that we are connected. 💖

        1. I think you are amazing yourself. You inspire me and I need that. <3

          1. Erika Kind says:

            I am very happy to hear that. I will do my best to keep it up, Sarah. Big hugs!

            1. Sending them back at you. Have a wonderful Tuesday Evening ….since I believe you are ahead of me. I can never remember the time difference….

              1. Erika Kind says:

                It depends where exactly you are lokcated but I am sure I am at least 6 hours ahead 🙂

            2. Sending them back at you. Have a wonderful Tuesday Evening ….since I believe you are ahead of me. I can never remember the time difference….

  45. tj6james6 says:

    Oh, that site is a fanfiction site and tends to be heavy on the .gifs so other pages might be slow to load if you or anyone else goes to look around.
    That page loads quickly though.

    1. TJ,
      Thank you for this information. I really appreciate it. Hugs

  46. tj6james6 says:

    Sara: i know you and I had this discussion this weekend; about disappearing/non responsive comment boxes. Someone in one of my Facebook Groups post the solution last night so I’m putting the link here for you and whoever needs it so they can access it and fix the issues. I would also recommend checking spam boxes since a couple of comments to other bloggers have ended up there.
    Hope this helps.

    1. WOW, this is just what I needed to see, Thank you for remembering and for posting it here. Happy Thursday. Sarah

      1. tj6james6 says:

        Quite welcome.
        I do a bulk post for something else and was putting it in as a public service announcement when I remembered there were a few of my followers who didn’t follow that particular blog so I tried to get to them all. Hope I did.

        1. I am so glad you did. Thanks again.

  47. Just started following your blog. Am looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    1. Thank you. Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week. Hugs Sarah

  48. Wow amazing pictures and life. I was raised by a teacher and a nurse as well and I am 53! nice to meet you!

    1. Lynz, Wow. I am so glad you left this comment. I will head to visit you AS as I get done with the messages here. Hugs

      1. thanks! will look forward to that!

        1. Good 🙂 Have a good weekend. Any plans?

        2. Good 🙂 Have a good weekend. Any plans?

          1. Yes, my son is coming nearby to the lake so I will go see him! Fun!

            1. Yah, That would be fun. Lynz, I just realized I never made it to visit you…I am on my way now.
              Sorry about that.

              1. that is ok! love your pictures!

  49. You have such a full life! Great blog.

    1. Anna, Thank you. I wish I was still able to do most of it not. I spend most of my time stuck in a chair or confined to bed. I miss being active and pray the flair ends soon I want my life back.
      Have a great Tuesday. Sarah

  50. abbiegrrl says:

    Wow. I lived in the Lakeland/Kissimmee area for many years as a young(er) woman.
    I feel a kinship with you. Originally from Indiana, we recently moved to Virginia, which isn’t completely different from Colorado, when you’re used to flatlands. 🙂
    I look forward to coming by again to get to know you a bit better.
    I had a blog for several years as well, before I got “serious” about it. Must have to do with aging, huh? 😉
    Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday.

    1. Hi Abby, I am so glad you found your way here. I hope you come back again and again…
      It is so nice to hear from someone who knows the area here.
      Lakeland has GROWN even since I first moved here. We use to go their a lot. It wasn’t too far from Danny’s house…
      Now you’d have to pay us to go? LOL.
      I was raised in Illinois so we have even more in Common, Midwesterners.. Indiana and Illinois have some beautiful rolling hills.
      I agree with you. Virginia is like Colorado in many ways. Beautiful.
      I would enjoy hearing any of your stories.
      I will check out your blog when I get down here.
      Have a good week. Sarah

      1. Sorry I spelled your name wrong. I just noticed it.

    2. I almost forgot….I also agree….Age had made this blog a necessity for me… I am definitely going through some kind of Older Midlife ?????.

  51. karnatecla says:

    Quite the story. I love the pictures you share here and the positive attitude you convey about life.

    1. Kanatecla,
      Thank you….We have a beautiful place here. I am needing to be a bit more positive. Happy Sunday. Sarah

    2. I just came from your blog. I look forward to reading what you share. Hugs

  52. I am so very sorry tp read that you lost your son. As a mom of grown kids, I cannot even wrap my mind around how l devestating that would be. I can imagine you are struggling to figure out who you are . It is pretty normal to go through that at your age without losing a child, but to lose your only child would make you question things even more.
    I am 55 and trying to figure out where I fit in the world as well. I think that is what the 50s are for. We reach a place in our life where we are looking to our futures and want to know how to proceed. I have a great life, but I am still searching for that girl I was, and trying to figure out how I lost that part of me. Life just seems to take us over, especially when we are mothers and we give to our kids freely and one day wake up, and we do not recognize who we are any more. I have several blogs as well. One is called time to be me, for the reason I are talking about. Unfortunately, I have not been on that blog in a while. I think it is time I head over there. It really is time to be me and time to figure out who that is !!
    I am so happy I found your blog and I hope you can find a way to work out what you need to and move forward in life to do the things that will make you happy !!!

    1. I will reply ASAP. Internet keeps going off.

    2. Oh Stephie,
      Thankyou for taking the time time to come here and then comment like you did.
      I grew up knowing exactly who and what I was.
      As a mom, I knew who I was and What my journey was all about.
      When Danny came along and Asked me to marry him and move to Florida, I thought: “this is how it is suppose to be. It just took me longer to find someone.”Bobby was excited. He was already making plans to join us.
      Life was good.
      When he died: Suddenly….I had to deal with so much all at once I never really took the time to grieve.
      I packed up 2 residences…..Stored everything…I mean EVERYTHING) and hopped on a plane a few months later.
      Danny and I had planned on picking up “OUR BELONGINGS” and bringing them to FLorida. A fire in Colorado Springs took everything WE owned. I was left with NOTHING OF MINE…. What was worse: I was left with NOTHING OF BOBBY’s. All the thousands and thousands of photos, albums, Baby things….family things….EVERYTHING was gone.
      So I worked. Danny and I worked NON -Stop for 2 years. I turned 50. Hormones and Menopause changed me even more.
      55 came and went. Then I started having more lupus and fibro flares. Bad ones. Hospitals Stays. No Bobby to visit this time. I started missing him more and more.
      I needed to grieve. I needed to celebrate his life. I needed to share.
      I gained 50 pound. I now have a stomach where It was flat before. I am having trouble doing anything. I sit at home or lie in bed.
      Danny and I aren’t able to work together and we both miss that.
      I HATE the climate here in Florida. That is probably causing ME more trouble than anything else. I won’t go outside and the few times I do, I end up sick…..Over heated. Nauseated, But then I get ike that inside with the AC on. Hot flashes as well
      I am unhappy. Danny is going through a rough path at the park. We aren’t connecting as much.
      We will get through it but I may go crazy before then.
      I miss my Family. I am so isolated here. I love the country and hate going to town.I would hate neighbors.
      Yet, I am not working much….I am not teaching like I was in Colorado……
      There has to be MORE…..
      So yes, We both seem to be searching. For what?
      I look forward to visiting your blog. Talking more with you. Connecting. I will also try to find “Time To Be Me”.
      Do either of us know who “ME” Is? Right now I don’t.
      Stephie, Again, Thank you. God Bless you. HUGS

  53. Sarah, I nominated you for a Liebster award. https://goldencougarwolf.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/liebster-award/ I hope you don’t mind.

    1. No, I am honored. I want to accept but I have been nominated for 9 awards in the last 2 weeks and I just can’t do them all. I love you for the nomination though.

  54. dilipnaidu says:

    Sending many good wishes for good health and plenty of happiness. Good to meet you. Regards.

    1. Thank you for dropping by. I will head to visit you now. Sarah

    2. I just left a message on your blog. I remembered why I liked it there so much.

      1. Catherine, I accept though now sure when I can do all the requirements. I have another one ahead of this one.
        Thank you very much.

      2. dilipnaidu says:

        Hey Catherine its so very thoughtful of you to nominate me for the Liebster. I am so sorry to let you know my blog is designated as a “No awards” zone.

        Its declared in the Purpose of my blog. Please do forgive me. Regards.

  55. Scott says:

    You have a lot of material and a busy life to reflect on. Every photo you’ve posted has a story behind it. If it were my choice I would concentrate on each photo, generate the story behind it, and then make a separate post of each one – one each week, two each week. Whatever pace keeps it fun.

    That’s what I would do.

    1. Scott. Thank you. What a wonderful idea. I have been at a loss and to what to post about my life in an unique way. How simple of an idea.
      You are so right. There is usually a story behind the story as well.
      I haven’t been on here Vocally as much lately. Not just because I have been sick. I have been revamping this blog. Keeping Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures MAINLY for FUn stuff ….quotes and recipes photos I get elsewhere.
      I now have a separate blog for Our Neck Of The Woods. I should have done that all along.
      I really appreciate this message. Have a wonderful weekend…..HUGS, Sarah

      1. Scott says:

        Thank you for your kind words.

        1. Scott You had the kind words…Not me.
          I am 56 years old ….feeling old in mind and body.
          Emotionally anymore I feel like a Volcano about to blow….tensions from work and living at work are getting to us. Danny is even having trouble leaving work at work…hard to do when you live at work( even though we are on a separate section that everyone else-Hard to explain)
          Needing an outlet……afraid to write too much …so not writing nearly enough.
          Or I feel like I will burst into tears and never stop crying.
          Tired in mind body and soul and not sure why I am posting this either…

  56. amommasview says:

    I can’t and don’t really try to imagine the emptiness and pain you must feel when losing a child. It’s the worst that can ever happen to a parent. I do believe though that the connection will forever be there and that we all will meet again. Where ever, when ever and in which form ever. My heart goes out to you and I sure hope that you can still feel happiness. I believe it’s what your son would want you to do. To live life to the fullest and to smile, laugh and continue to see the beauty.

    1. Thank you for this. I really try to celebrate Bobby’s life and mine. I have had been happier in many ways in the last 9 years that I was before I moved to Florida. Sadder in other areas because I never wanted to leave Colorado, Bobby’s Mountain. It is the home in my dreams.
      Yet, I followed my heart here to Florida, knowing I would miss Colorado and the wonderful life I had there.
      I don’t regret any of it ….other than not making sure our belongings came with me as well. (Long Story there. I lost everything of ours in a fire shortly after I moved here.I never had time to get any of it).
      I love Danny and for awhile I loved our life. I still do…..It’s just a rough time at the PARK and we are caught in the middle since we live there as well.
      I am going through some serious health issues with lupus and fibro right now. Anxiously waiting for SOME COOLER WEATHER.
      I am fighting depression ….YET, I can always look outside and see the beauty there. The animals that almost live in our yard. We have a good life.
      HUGS, Sarah

      1. amommasview says:

        I send you a big virtual hug!

        1. I got it. Sending one back.

  57. I don’t know how I missed “following” you when we did WordPress U 201. I’ve followed you now. I do recall chatting with you and that we have a lot in common losing a grown child. One thing that stood out for me is your bunny. You got him on Good Friday. My daughter died just a couple of weeks before Easter. We think she comes to us in rabbit form because just after she died we saw rabbits everywhere! My sister-in-law was looking for a sign from Justine and saw a rabbit in her yard (not knowing what we were feeling) and told us of her experience. On my husband’s birthday he was feeling sad when walking down the driveway to get the newspaper and a rabbit hopped right up to him. Now whenever we see a rabbit we smile. We have a rabbit statue in her memorial garden.

    1. Cathy, I wasn’t sure if you remembered who I was. I couldn’t remember many details myself of my visit to your site or if I had followed. I will head there as soon as I can. I won’t forget this time.
      We have too much in common for that. I would love to hear more stories about your daughter.
      I love the rabbit connection.
      I believe what you feel about the rabbits is true. Our children do come to visit us. In many different ways.
      Love and hugs.
      If you ever want or need to talk or just vent….cry….my email is sarahkasch@juno.com.

      1. Thanks so much Sarah! I feel that we are bosom buddies already!

        1. I feel the same way Cathy…..

  58. wendyb106 says:

    I’m sorry for you and others for your loss and see that you’ve got great community support with people going through the same stuff which is great. Keep your heads up and know they’re watching you from above, guiding you and smiling down. Hold onto the memories forever and share a smile when you think of them as they’d probably like you to be doing. There have been so many friends who have died of recent, at a young age which is a crying shame for all left behind. May the forever be, close to everyones hearts and set free to be where they now are. I believe we’ll meet again.

    1. Wendy,
      Thank you for writing what you just did…
      One thing I do know without a doubt is that we will meet them again.
      If I didn’t believe before (I did) I would believe now. I have to believe it.
      I am really doing good. Most of the time. His birthday was just a few days ago. (Friday) I made it though it without any tears. I am just grieving a little more noticeably now.
      Memories are flooding in.
      So once again , thank you.
      Have a wonderful rest of the night.
      PS I look forward to us getting to know each other through our blogs and messages. Hugs

  59. Himali Shah says:

    Sarah, may God shower his bounteous love upon you. So sorry to know about the loss..

    1. Himali,
      God has showered me with many things. Danny’s love for one.
      Have an awesome week my friend. Keep writing. Sarah

      1. Himali Shah says:

        Thank you, wish you the same <3
        Hugs & love <3

  60. Hi Sarah, I literally just found you after I read your comment about school, about being a teacher, about losing your son( my heart just reached out to you) on my friend Monica of http://www.monicastangledweb.com.
    I love what I found. You are honest and kind – it is this sense I got from reading about your life. You speak to me.. I am now happy to be following you.

    1. Oh Thank you. Danny is due home ANY TIME…AS IN NOW…SO no time to really message like I want to.
      I am so glad to get this beautiful note.
      Tear happy in fact. You are the ONLY one to comment….I was afraid I went to far opening up. Yet, this is WHO I AM.
      More Soon. I will also look over your blog ASAP.

      1. Thank you Sarah, looking forward to hearing from you.

        1. Sorry it took for long for me to get back to you.
          I just wanted a time when things quieted down or at least I was more relaxed. I am headed to your page as soon as I finish here.
          I am always afraid of sharing too much so I try and hold the “Bad” stuff in. That only works for so long. Then I just have to let it out. Usually it happens before I realize what I am doing.
          Then when I do ….I just keep writing…Trying to get everything out.
          There’s a lot I want to say but the words aren’t coming.
          So goodnight from here. Headed your way now. Sarah

  61. Krista Kemp says:

    Sarah, I have nominated you for the Post a Quote Challenge. Feel free to participate. You can find the details of the challenge at: https://fromfoodstampstoafuture.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/post-a-quote-challenge-day-2-2/

  62. Krista Kemp says:

    Sounds as though you have had a rough road…I cannot imagine. I am so sorry for you loss.

    1. And still a very good life. I have wonderful, awesome memories about my son. We shared more in his almost 26 years than some parents do in a year. We were that close. Have A wonderful Sunday. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby.

  63. My heart breaks as I read that you lost your only son, Bobby. I can not begin to imagine what it feels like but I know it’s something like a part of me and my heart will always be missing. I also have one child. He is my world and that of my wife. He’s our joy and blessing that we are always grateful for. Because of him, I try my best to live life to the fullest no matter how hard life can be challenging sometimes. We’d been to Florida several times and each one has been special. I hope to this year we can have another unforgettable Summer there. God bless.

    1. Island Traveler,
      Thank you, for this comment and another one I saw. I will answer BOTH comments and any others ??? ASAP. Danny and I were gone most of the day, I have a few minutes here but not enough to really visit. I also will be looking at your BLOG. God Bless you and yours. Hugs, Sarah.

    2. Island Traveler, Thank you for all the comments. Thank you also for taking the time to read the about me section and to also mention Bobby.
      I would love to hear your family stories. Hugs to you all. Sarah.

  64. MeRaw says:

    Dearest Sarah.
    Thank you for your kind message on my post, about the similarities between us. I’m not sure if you wanted me to make it public or not. So I thought I’d write back to you here, first.
    So sorry for the loss of your son Bobby, and your Mum too. You really must have a great deal of strength, but I know, in private, you probably still grieve daily. And for battling your cancer, and other health problems, you are an inspiration to others.
    Sending love and hugs x

    1. MeRaw,
      First off…Is there another name I can call you? I looked for it on your blog…..probably not hard enough and couldn’t find your first name. If not, MeRaw will work. I understand WHY you picked it.
      My brain is still foggy and it’s almost 2:30 so I won’t be writing much. It’s hard to think pick the right words sometimes.
      It is raining out….I will blame it on the rain.
      Thank you for posting it here although the other would have been ok. I have put my life OUT THERE when I started blogging. Actually I did it on Facebook.
      I am rambling. Gee, sometimes I can’t stop.
      Sending love and hugs back your way.

      1. MeRaw says:

        Thanks Sarah for replying.
        I’m Melanie, surname Rawlings, so MeRaw is an ‘anonymous abbreviation’, but quite apt at present.
        Do hope the rain stops soon for you, and the sunshine brightens your day.
        Love and light
        Melanie x

        1. Hi Melanie, Not enough time to Visit now. I will ASAP.
          Love and Hugs, Sarah.

        2. Oh Melanie,
          I am sorry that I haven’t really haven’t been the kind of friend I should be and ONE I know you NEED right now.
          Once I found out that you JUST loss your son, I held off writing you like I should have.
          May was a BAD month for me. Mom’s Birthday, Mother’s Day……Impossible to enjoy since Bobby died. Now with mom gone it was even worse.
          I back slid…not a good phrase but it is the only one I can think of.
          After Mother’s Day was Bobby’s Angel or Heaven Date…May 19Th, and what I call Hell Week Memories that always come……
          Add to that Mom and Dad’s Anniversary June 6Th.
          I have a huge Facebook Account: Actually 2 of them…many of the same people on both. Angel Mom’s and Dad’s as we call each other. Compassionate Friends.
          Sarah Kasch is the one I use most. Debbie Sarah Kasch is the other one.
          I haven’t been on either much any more because it was getting too hard to keep up. I kept missing important DATES.
          I couldn’t be on for more than a few minutes before I would see a message about another child dying or please pray for a sick child. It got to wear I just couldn’t handle it ALL the time.
          That is where and why Sarah’s Attic of Treasures and other pages started from.
          I do have a page Getting To Know Your Friends Through Your Children, although I don’t post there as often as I used to.
          If you have FB and would like to be a friend, just send me a friend request. Sarah Kasch is the best one.
          Even if I am not on there as much: You will meet some awesome people. They helped me deal with EVERYTHING YOU ARE FEELING.
          I can also start sharing some of the posts and helpful sites if you want me to.
          One of the BEST is Compassionate Friends. Check Them out.
          Let me know if I can help. Message me here or at sarahkasch@hotmail.com or FB and I will always answer. If you start messaging me on FB let me know and I will go there more often.
          I hope I am making sense…..
          I know How you feel better than most will ever know. Even losing as child like I did , I still have no idea of all you went through.
          I am HERE FOR YOU or will be here for you…..
          I am a great listener. You can VENT …ask any question…The only one you will never find a good answer for IS WHY HE HAD TO DIE. I LOVE GOD . I REALLY Do. Yet, as a mom, there is never a good reason.
          I was angry at GOD for a long time. Because of how close I always have been to HIM, I was able to yell at him. He took it like he always does.
          I don’t have the anger now. Or RATHER, I don’t ALLOW myself the anger. At this point> IT DOES NO GOOD. Where you are in your grief…..Yes, You will be angry.
          I haven’t proofread any of this. It was just written as it came to me. I am sending it so I don’t lose it.

          1. I have a lot more I could say. A lot more I will say, in time. Melanie….Let what ever you feel come out now. GRIEVE….CRY. YELL AND SCREAM…..LAUGH if you can. Don’t ever feel guilty about LAUGHING. OR BEING HAPPY. ANd you will be HAPPY AGAIN. YOU WILL LAUGH again. Memories are everything now.
            You will NEVER GET OVER IT. Nothing will ever be NORMAL again. Your life will always be a rollercoaster. Yet, you will learn how to live a good life.
            I need to close for now. It’s almost 4AM. I am so tired but haven’t been sleeping well. Haven’t been doing well Health-wise.
            Message me as much as you need or want to. I really mean that.
            LOVE and HUGS, Sarah

            1. MeRaw says:

              Thank you Sarah for all your kind words, insights and personal knowledge.
              It is so hard to know what to do at the moment. We are stuck between ‘Before this’ and ‘After this’. We’re not sure of the next path to take. Limbo is a very draining place to be.
              (I hope you did finally manage some sleep last night).
              Much love and hugs
              Melanie x

              1. Melanie,
                That stage will follow you forever……Or at least it has for me.
                I have 2 sayings: Before Bobby died and Before I moved to Florida……
                I say the second most of the time…..in general…..when talking to anyone and everyone….
                Yet, they BOTH really mean the same thing for me.
                Before I moved to Florida IS the same thing. I moved to Florida within months AFTER Bobby died. Danny and I were suppose get married in June 0f 2006 when I would also move to Florida for good. Long story about how we met and the 2 years of long distance visiting and calling etc.
                Needless to say, Bobby’s death that MAY changed everything. I didn’t come until November.
                What I am trying to say….everything I say is either before or after Bobby died and I moved to Florida.
                My whole life as I knew it ended when Bobby died.
                I’d been a mom. Never a wife. I was a single parent.
                I was MOM……That was MY Identity.
                Here in Florida, no one ever met Bobby (except Danny , of course). They have no idea of how my life was lived BEFORE .

                This was also the same time My name went more from Debbie to Sarah.
                Like I said…Everything changed for me.
                In some ways It may have been EASIER.
                In others harder.
                It’s so hard to explain how everything came about. It’s why my first Facebook account was Debbie Sarah. My second…Sarah.
                I went from Debbie, Bobby’s Mom to Sarah, Danny’s wife.
                Melanie…..I miss…..Debbie , Bobby’s MOM.

                Crazy huh?
                So I understand where you are coming from.
                You are still living it all over and over and over.
                More soon. Love Sarah
                Love Debbie, Bobby’s Mom.

                1. MeRaw says:

                  Dearest Sarah, Danny’s wife, and Debbie, Bobby’s mom.

                  Thank you again for opening up, and letting me know how you feel, and yes, I understand completely.

                  The big question at the moment is “Why?” I keep asking myself that daily. It is such a torment for myself and my husband.

                  “It’s not fair” is another phrase that keeps popping up too.

                  Hope you get some much-needed sleep tonight.

                  Melanie xx

                  1. Melanie,
                    You got who I am……
                    Not everyone does.
                    I can change from one to the other at a moments notice.
                    I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this.
                    “It’s Not Fair”
                    Another ? Is :
                    “A Parent SHOULD NEVER have to busy their child.”
                    We grow up knowing we will loose loved ones. Great grandparents were my first. I was lucky to have 2 sets I knew well.
                    We know we will lose our Grandparents.
                    Our Parents.
                    I always knew I would be HEART BROKEN when my parents died.
                    So, Yes, Moms death left me HEART BROKEN. AGAIN.
                    Still she was 76. I never thought she’s die so early. My relatives have all died (the ones I’ve mentioned) when they were in their late 80’s or early 90’s.
                    Mom had just gotten a clean bill of health.
                    Yet, I knew one day she would die.
                    We grow up knowing BAD things happened to other people.
                    Yet, we aren’t prepared to loose a child…At any age.
                    Bobby grew up, KNOWING I would probably die early in life. I almost did a number of times.
                    It was almost a certainty.
                    Lupus was more of a death sentence back in the 80’s.
                    I am very much alive.
                    So why did Bobby die so soon?
                    If I am HONEST and I will always TRY to be HERE:
                    My answer is simple :
                    I have NO IDEA WHY HE HAD TO DIE.
                    When I am HONEST:
                    I get angry that he was taken FROM ME.
                    I dreamed of BEING A GRANDMA….
                    I was meant to be a GRANDMA.
                    You have heard and will continue to hear all sorts of reasons
                    “WHY “.
                    YOU WON’T LIKE ANY OF THEM.
                    YOU NEVER WILL.
                    AN NO,
                    “It is NOT FAIR”.
                    NEVER WILL BE……

                    Do you have anyone to really talk to about any of this besides your Husband?
                    I never really talked about Bobby to anyone OTHER than Danny, my parent’s, sister and other family for 3 LONG YEARS.
                    I wasn’t on the computer much back then except for work and other things.
                    I hadn’t joined any of the social media ??? (Can’t think of the right word) like Facebook , Twitter ETC.
                    I simply WORKED here at the park 60 PLUS hours a week. Danny and I both were.
                    I kept IT ALL IN for the most part.
                    Then , I got on FB and met hundred’s of other Angel Mom’s and Dads. I live on FB. I could get enough help…then I couldn’t GIVE enough.
                    Now I am hardly on at all.
                    I was hesitant about talking with you like this….
                    because I knew ONCE I STARTED I couldn’t back done or stop…..
                    Now I don’t want to.
                    Helping you …even if IT is just being here…to listen…will be good for me as well. < Love Sarah

                    1. MeRaw says:

                      Thank you Sarah for being so honest and taking the time to write down all your thoughts and feelings. It can’t have been easy.
                      I have my husband to rely on. We have been married almost 33 years. We are there for each other. Always have been. My sister lives close by, and us great to talk with too. My mum has recently been admitted to a care home, because of falls and memory loss, so we can’t have the chats we used to have. I talk with my brother quite regularly ~ he’s in Chicago.
                      And my younger son and his girlfriend have been truly wonderful.
                      Social media too, has been great for connecting with people.
                      I also find writing in my blog quite therapeutic. Although it first started out as my story and my battle with malignant melanoma.
                      How things change, sadly.

                      Do hope you have had a good day.


                      Melanie xx

  65. Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours.

    1. Jovina, I am still stumbling along on this new journey of mine. The more I learn, the more I need to learn.
      I hope you enjoy your visit here and come back often.

    2. Melanie,
      It’s bee a quite day here. I have been in a “brain fog” most of the day. And hurting. Again Normal stuff. A little worse but I am use to it.
      Danny was quieter today as well.
      It seemed to be a good day for it.
      The funny thing is: It is the first day we didn’t have rain and the sun was out all day.
      Danny walked outside a few times but quickly came back in.
      Hot and humid even for him.
      I brought my rabbit inside yesterday. His name is Vittles.
      Mr. Bojangles sleep near Vittles most of the day .
      So quiet all around.
      I do know how quickly life can change.
      In an INSTANT:
      Nothing is ever the same.
      I am so glad your husband have each other. That you can BOTH open up and share.
      My parents, an aunt and uncle and my sister were all with me right after Bobby died. Of course Danny was there and he was great.
      Also on hand was my Best friend’s daughter . My “almost “daughter. She calls me Mom sometimes. Or Aunt.
      Bobby and Kari were close.
      There were all there for me for awhile.
      My parents ALWAYS:
      But as they got older I shared less and less of myself: The depression and illness’s. I could have…
      I just didn’t want to worry them. And they would have been.
      Donna is and always will be a workaholic…..Until the day she retires.
      She is also more selfish in certain ways.
      I love her …..very much and we are close. Yet, I got tired of the hit and miss phone calls….
      My brother, John.. Sadly: we aren’t close.
      We see each other when I go home. I send a card for his birthday.
      I am closer to his girls and his wife and I were close before she died.
      I miss her.
      I have a few friends but to be honest: they never understood my losing Bobby.
      Bobby was the one person , I shared things with. We were that close.
      Mom and Son.
      OH YES……..
      Bobby would choose to spend most events with me rather than his friends.

      By this I mean His birthday and mine.
      He would call me up a couple of times a day…..Not always. Usually with a
      “Mom, Turn the radio on.” Or
      “Have you heard….?”
      He’d leave messages on my phone:
      Songs I liked.
      New songs for me to listen to.
      AND lot’s Of
      “Mom, I love You’s. ”
      Just because.
      he’d call me at midnight on the EVE of every Birthday, Christmas…although we were usually together….Every important holiday….
      I’d get a call at midnight.
      I miss all of this :
      We’d hug. All the time.

      I don’t get any of that any more.

      1. Danny isn’t there for me in ways I really need for him to be. Some of which he never has been .
        That is another story for another time.
        Sorry , I got away from your post……
        I am opening up and am talking about Bobby again.
        So thank you.
        BUT IF: in your grief it is too much let me know.
        I also may start writing on here more about what I have been sharing with you.
        Anyway: I am so glad you have people to talk to. Keep those communication lines open. Especially with your hubby.
        Danny keeps coming in here and talking to me so I need to stop all of anyway.
        Love and hugs. Sarah

  66. So very sorry for the losses of your beloved son and mother. You are in my prayers.

    1. Kitt, Thank you. Have a great evening.

  67. You come across as an awesome person and I love that your blog is full of stuff. I could never be bored now that I’ve found your blog 🙂

    Reaching out is a good way to start. I hope the blogging community has been helpful in quelling that ‘lost’ feeling.

    1. Arinola, Thank you for this. You don’t know how much your words mean to me. Well, Maybe you do as I am sure you anxiously waited for people to see what you posted and then one by one they started following you. Last but now least “: They started commenting. So A huge Thank you.
      I barely glance at your blog. I was trying to at least touch base with everyone on Lily’s Post. Not enough time to read them all today.
      You made me smile. Hard to be totally “Lost “when someone “Sees and hears you”. Have a good night. Sarah

      1. Well, you are right about that. It can be hard to fully look through a blog for the first time. Thank you for letting me know how my patient skimming through made you feel. I’ll remember this next time I am being lazy about it. Good night Sarah. 🙂

        1. You made me feel AWESOME. So Thank you Day Dreamer. And Thanks also for the smile that you gave me..

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