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I am an open book. Or I will try to be.
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Welcome to Sarah’s Attic of Treasures. I post pictures quotes, recipes and anything I like. This includes SHARING OTHER BLOGGERS AND THEIR BLOGS HERE AND ELSEWHERE. It’s a Treasure Chest of Goodies. Smile. You never know whose day you may brighten.

Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures  started in  March 2015. I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect.
I just knew I needed an outlet.

Photos and other things last added on July 28, 2015. I update a few minor details in September 2020.

As I stumble through my Facebook accounts, pages and groups,
the 3 blogs I have started (this being one of them)
and all of the other social media platforms
I seem to have connected to I find myself LOST in a world I can’t keep up with.
My name is an issue.
Am I Debbie Or Sarah  or Sarah Sue? My names are a story ALL their own. (I have a whole post called AM I Debbie Or Sarah In a Sticky Note)

I started with one email account: ralphiejr1@yahoo.com in the mid 90’s.
(Ralphie Jr. was a pet rabbit from when I still lived on the farm) It was all I needed.
Then when Danny and I got together and were emailing each other, I wanted one HE could remember. So I started one at Juno.
Somehow, I have 6 of them. 2 are state emails.
No one could possibly remember what email and password to use  for which site/blog.

Have I confused you yet?

10 years ago I was Debbie Sue Kasch.
Single Mom. Teacher. Daughter.

Living in Colorado and loving it.

John, Mom, Dad, Me, Donna and Bobby, 1998


Mom, Donna and Bobby


Bobby age 24


Mike, Tyler Bobby and Alex.
Bobby’s Cousins and a friend’s little boy.


First picture Danny ever saw of me. 2004.


Me – Colorado
Happy times.


2 of the many kids I helped raise.
Colorado. 2004


I had kids with me all the time.


Colorado 2004


Cripple Creek, Colorado
One of my favorite place to go.


Behind Cheyenne Mountain,
Outside of Colorado Springs……



This is where I played back then.

Bobby 2004


14  years ago I left my beloved Colorado to marry Danny and live in  Florida.
AFTER my only child died. Bobby was 25.
Almost 26.
He would be 40 years old in 2020.
I see him , so clearly, as he would be today.

Am I still a mom?
In my Heart :

Am I still a teacher?

I was born Debra Sue Kasch in Illinois.  I am 61 (62 in December ) years young.
I had an awesome childhood and had the best parents a child could possibly have.

I was a raised by a teacher and nurse.
I am also a farmer’s daughter.
We had a small farm, 160 acres called Cedar Manor Stock Farm.
It was a wonderful life. We raised and grew most of our food.

3 months old.


Bobby and 3 of his cousins, a friend and I. La Veta, Colorado 1985


Bobby was born July 17, 1980 in Grafton, Illinois.
The two of us moved to Colorado in 1982 when Bobby was 2 years old.

Bobby and I


A church photo. 1994?
Mom, Bobby Mike, Leah and Tyler.


Bobby and I at my grandparent’s house.
Colorado 1984.


Bobby and His momma


Danny and I
Bok, Tower Gardens, 2005 Early Days
Danny worked there as a gardener.


I taught School for 17 years before starting a daycare/preschool, after school program in my home.
We loved it there and I never planned on leaving it.
Until I met Danny.
That is a story for a post or 2 all it’s own.
It was a love story from the beginning.

Rolling Meadows Ranch

Our driveway and a deer we saw every day.


Our House….
1940’s restored Cracker House


Mr. Bojangles


Do I work?
Yes. Hard. When I can.

What do I do?
I volunteer at the same state park where Danny works as a ranger.
Lake Kissimmee State Park, Lake Wales, Florida.
We live on adjoining state property called Rolling Meadows Ranch. Managed by LKSP.

Danny and I live in a restored Cracker house surrounded by cow pastures and lot’s of cows. Our visitors are  of the animal variety. Deer, turkeys, sandhill cranes and other wildlife are in our yard on a daily basis. No feeding allowed  either.

2020- Sadly both Mr. Bojangles and Vittles are no longer with us. Bo died a  year ago. Vittles died during the summer. He was 12 years old.  Oh how I miss both of them. They were MINE. Totally.
Baby Girl came to our home 3 year ago. She is definitely A BABY GIRL.

Mr. Bojangles


Vittles was waiting for his carrots and lettuce.


Baby Girl


Working on a Prescribed Burn on Rolling Meadows Ranch- right in back of where we live now.


Grand Opening Of Our Kayak Launch and Dock – A huge year and a half project Danny was given. Only 4 people at the park knew about it for the first year…Danny and I. Our manager and assistant manager. Hush Hush
It was a labor of love for Danny and I.


Our First Roundup at the Lake Kissimmee State Park. Working and playing. 2007


One of Lake Kissimmee State Park Service paths and trails


Flooding On Rolling Meadows Ranch where we live. Our yard is a bit higher than it is here.


Dad is on the far left.
My family at Mom’s Memorial Dinner. 2014


Died died Memorial Weekend 2019.
I am lost without them.

Danny playing with Mr. Bojangles .


Looking out our back door from the dining room side of the kitchen.


Good Evening From Our Neck Of The Woods This was taken on Rolling Meadows Ranch


Done for the DAY. It was before NOON and already 96 out. I’d mowed as much as I could for the day.


The view  (0n the right )coming into Rolling Meadows Ranch,


I miss being able to drive the tractor and mowing the larger areas.


Early Days At Rolling Meadows Ranch. Before it ALL Started over here. We were still at the park.


Restoration Of The Cracker House….An inside job….meaning park staff and one stupid volunteer….me


Our Home At Lake Kissimmee State Park. Site 62. Day Use Area.
We lived in the RV for 5 years.


Two- legged  visitors are allowed access through a locked entrance gate a mile down the road.

I also volunteer on Rolling Meadows Ranch. More here than at the park any more.

This was an old sod farm and before that it was a tomato farm.
The state is in the process of restoring the property back to a more native state.

We (Danny and I) put in mile markers for all of our trails. Over 17 miles of them. It took a week. I was NOT good at digging post holes so I carried the posts and set them up.


Danny. Working on mile marker signs.


Danny and I were told to take a couple of ATV’S and go see how bad the flooding was at the park. We rode all over. And got MUDDY. Wet. We had a blast.
Then we had to clean the ATV’s.


Lucky Girl and I at the shop at the park. Danny and I raised her. We found her right after she was born. Mom couldn’t take care of her so we did. Bottle fed her every 4- 6 hours for week. The less often.
She was a life saver for me. This all happened shortly after Bobby Died. She was Born November 3, 2007.

Bobby died in 2006.

One of our events. I was leading a group of adults and kids on a hike. 2009?


Vittles. Just after Danny found him on Good Friday. 2010. My Easter Bunny. He lived outside our RV and house for years.



Danny has always called me by my nickname from high school, so in Florida, I am Sarah.
My family and others call me Debbie.
So many changes.

Health issues have taken a huge toll on me and I am housebound most of the time any more. Missing work. Missing working with Danny.
Missing my family.
Missing the life I had in Colorado.
Missing Bobby.
Missing Mom And Dad.


Mom and Dad


Newlyweds  1957


The last pair of booties mom was working on.


Donna and her hubby, Jim and Dad….
Thanksgiving in Illinois. First one without mom. First time home in 9 years. For me.


Dad and I . Thanksgiving 2014


Missing me.
I was 17 years old here.

That was Ralphie Jr. (Rabbit) and Cisco and Stan.
We had a milk goat named Fran.
(San Francisco. )

Home on the farm.

Ralphie Jr. And Cisco.

Me – Colorado
Happy times.
I miss THAT Person.


Missing Me.
I got lost somewhere along the way.

Now I am questioning so many things. Feeling  displace.
Reaching out.
This blog is my way of doing just that.
So thank you for dropping by here. I hope you like it here and visit from time to time.
If you leave a message, I will be glad to drop in to visit you.